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443066 Samara City, Dybenko street. bld.116, apartm. 67

Taxpayer’s ID 6318133980 KPP 631801001 Account № 40702810500000001160 «EkaBank» Ltd, Samara City

Bank account. 30101810000000000878 BIK 043601878

Please note that we have a good opportunity to supply you with Cementing trucks, 9 T pumps, 9 MGR and Drill pumps spares. Our store includes:

  • Quick connection d-50
  • Crosshead bushing (bronze)
  • Cylinder bushing d-90, d-100, d-115, d-127
  • Piston nut
  • Slide gate d-100
  • Valve complete d-105, d-111, d-115 (similar to SIN, d-115 (similar to SIN 31.100.170)
  • Check valve KOB 146х35 (thread Z-121), 155х35 (thread Z-133), 178х35 (thread Z-147)
  • End-of-stroke valve for acid units (seat+cup+valve+spring)
  • Swivel elbow 3 SE 50*70, 3 SE 50*32
  • Rod locknut
  • Plug valve 2КМ 25*400, 2КМ 40*400, 3КМ 50*700, 4КМ 25*700
  • Ball valve, drilling (Swivel joint-178, SJC-178 / Swivel joint-146, SJC-146)
  • Ball valve, sectioned (Swivel elbow 50*70 / Swivel elbow 25*70)
  • Crosshead 9Т. (complete with strips)
  • Rod collar
  • Crosshead pin
  • Crossover NC-320 nut-to-thread Workover tubing 60, NC-320 thread-to-thread
  • Plunger d-100, d-115
  • Piston d-115, d-127
  • Valve seat d-105, d-111, d-115
  • Triple T-head to connect pipelines 50*700
  • Pipe L-1000, L-2010, L-3060, L-4060
  • Cylinder bushing seal
  • Valve seal d-111
  • Swivel elbow seal SES 01.012, SES 00.008, d-62 mm
  • Valve cover seal d-111
  • Front cover seal
  • Column gauge d-118, d-120, d-121, d-124, d-127 mm
  • Piston rod (chrome)
  • Piston rod (chrome) 9MGR, NB 125

Your drawings are most welcome – We manufacture as per your layouts and drawings.

Long–term relations with our manufacturing plants allow us to ship all spares within the shortest time possible. This allows us to complete your request within days or weeks and meet your time requirements at best.

Warehouse and manufacturing plant are available at: Russia, Samara, Zavodskoe Shosse, bld. 18, Povolzhsky AviTI plant area

Feel free to contact us using the form below.

Note: please note that all abbreviations are as per the Russian Manufacturing Standards and are available for explanation at our contact email address and phone number.